Varilux X Series Varifocals

For a generation of wearers with new needs

The emergence of new technologies is shaping the way we live, creating new visual needs and challenges. By studying extensively how this new way of life has impact on presbyopes (people with short sightedness brought on by ageing), Varilux has re-invented near vision at arm’s length. This is made possible through the combination of revolutionary technologies.


Synchroneyes takes into account the physiological differences between the two eyes to ensure maximised fields of vision. Each lens optimisation integrates the difference between the right and left prescription as well as the distance between pupils


Nanoptix entirely reengineers the fundamental structure of both lenses to reduce swim effect. As both base curve and power impact the beam deviation, their combination is optimised for each element.

Patient benefits

Wearers will experience outstanding sharpness, continuous vision and fluidity from near to far allowing them to seamlessly capture every detail within arm’s reach with high precision, as well as beyond.

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