Contact Lenses

If you have been thinking about trying contact lenses, then we have all the answers and advice that you will need to make the right choice.

We understand that contacts be a daunting prospect. Because we understand that all our clients are different we offer a free contact lens trial to allow you to try different lens options for your lifestyle. We care about your vision and want to give you the confidence to experience the freedom that wearing contact lenses brings.

We ensure that our staff are up to date with the latest lens technologies that ensures that your eyes are kept both comfortable and healthy. To do this we only offer the highest quality contact lenses which are sourced from the most reputable suppliers. Your health and comfort is our priority.

Contacts don’t have to be for adults either. Younger people are increasingly turning to us for contacts to give them the freedom they need to have active and fun lives without the inconvenience of glasses. Whether they’re for full time use, or just for sports such as rugby or any other physical activity where spectacles can be inconvenient or limiting, contacts make an excellent alternative. There are many reasons why contacts can be a suitable option for older children and teens.

We stock a wide range of lenses including bi focal contact lenses and coloured contact lenses from manufacturers such as Bausch Lomb and Surevue.