For years Pentax has been renownd for its Cameras and Camera Lenses, but did you know they also make a range of high quaility spectacle lenses? Here are some of the lenses that they make and how you can benefit from them….

Pentax Energy

These lenses are especially suited for young adults who spend multiple hours on digital devices. Designed for distant vision clarity, Pentax Energy is a single vision lens that features a specially designed comfort zone which helps the eyes relax and focus more easily.

Pentax Office

Designed for people with presbyopia who spend long hours on various office tasks, the Pentax Office lens displays a comparatively wider view at intermediate and near distances than conventional progressive lenses. Presbyopia sufferes have long-sightedness caused by loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye, typically in middle and older age.

Pentax Junior

Prolonged usage of digital devices and near work, or tasks that require a close distance like reading and writing, at a young age may be harmful to children’s vision. Pentax Junior is specially designed to cater to children with myopia and provides comfortable vision even after long hours engaged in near work activities.

Pentax Allfocus

Ideal for wearers who suffer from presbyopia, Pentax AllFocus lenses are designed to make focusing at all distances a breeze. Available in various designs to suit individual visual needs.

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