Introducing the Essilor Road Pilot and Varilux Road Pilot: An Essilor innovation combining a premium single vision or Varilux lens with a Crizal coating adapted to driving.

Minimising the level of reflections helps to maintain our visual acuity throughout the day and night.

Crizal Drive is a new premium anti-reflective coating that offers impeccable clarity of vision. Thanks to the coating performance reflections are up to 90% less when driving at night. It’s also as effective as Crizal Forte UV during the day.

The benefits to you

  • A better clarity of vision throughout the day and night
  • A Crizal coating that protects your lenses from the enemies of clear vision

And for Varilux Road Pilot wearers:

  • A more enhanced field of vision with a larger intermediate vision zone
  • A smooth and comfortable switch from intermediate to distance vision.

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